Syntegon Doboy 7520

Doboy 7520

Doboy 7000 Series Carton and Tray Former

The 7000 series is a high-speed carton and tray former for hot melt, lock or simplex applications. It forms up to 120 cartons/min and is available in a number of different configurations to run a broad range of flat blank styles, materials, shapes and sizes.

Variable up to
Cartons per minute

Up to 60 cpm in a single head configuration

The Doboy 7000 Series is suitable for hot melt, lock or simplex cartons or trays. It is available in a dual head configuration to add capacity or flexibility to your production. To increase flexibility, the dual head can be configured to form two different cartons to feed two different production lines. Alternatively trays and covers can be produced simultaneously to feed the same production line. For higher speed production lines, both forming heads can be configured to form the same carton. The Doboy 7000 Series are capable of speeds of up to 60 trays per minute with a single forming head and up to 120 trays per minute with a dual forming head configuration. Spring loaded forming heads add further flexibility by compensation for variances in corrugate and paperboard and simplifying changeover calibration requirements.

Standard Features

  • Speeds of up to 60 cartons/min in a single head configuration and 120 cartons/min in a dual head configuration
  • Rockwell controls with 20 recipe recall
  • Capable of running glue-style, lock-style and simplex cartons
  • Nordson® hot melt glue system with accurate adhesive application and patterns
  • No-blank, no-adhesive photo-eye detection
  • Fully adjustable magazine with positive four side control at pick-off
  • Low magazine height allows user to load magazine more easily
  • Independent servo shuttle motion ensures accurate glue placement on carton blank and eliminates the need for interconnected drives
  • Heavy duty steel frame assures permanent component alignment and minimal vibration
  • Positive blank control minimizes rejects and material costs while maximizing production efficiency
  • Venturi vacuum system eliminates vacuum pump noise and maintenance
  • Color touchscreen HMI, front-mounted
  • Barrier guarding with interlocking doors
  • Painted steel frame
  • Tool-less changeovers for most tasks


Optional Features

  • Additional forming heads for different carton sizes and styles
  • Powered magazine for large, corrugate cartons
  • Adhesive system options to meet different application needs
  • Discharge conveyors for carton transport to downstream equipment
  • Auto demand photo eye controls downstream backlog of cartons
  • Non attendant package including multi-color light stack and low carton inventory sensing with alarm
  • Extended leg kits to match conveyor elevation
  • Spare parts kit
  • Casters for easy portability
  • Special power requirements
  • Language options for HMI controls and manual
  • Carton air eject

Up to 35 cpm Glue Style
Up to 45 cpm Lock Style
Formed Carton Size Range
Length: 102 – 1060 mm (4.0 – 41.7″)
Width: 76 – 432 mm (2.3 – 17.0″)
Depth: 25 – 152 mm (1 – 6.0″)
Flat Carton Size Range
Length: 127 – 905 mm (5.0 – 35.6″)
Width: 152 – 1160 mm (6.0 – 45.6″)
Production Speed: 10 – 60 cpm
Blank Length / Max Cycles per min
Up to 355 mm (14.0″) – 60
Up to 505 mm (19.9″) – 55
Up to 655 mm (25.8″) – 50
Up to 805 mm (31.7″) – 40
Up to 905 mm (35.6″) – 30
Magazine Capacity
Standard Length: 585 mm (23″)
Extended Length: 990 mm (39″)
Power Consumption
7.5 kVA
225 l/min (8 cfm) @ 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Shipping Weight
1475 kg (3250 lb)

Glue-formed trays
Glue-formed tri-seal cartons
Lock-formed trays
Lock-formed tri-seal cartons
Simplex “end fold-over cartons”
Dust flast front tuck-in cartons
Seal-tuck cartons with dust flaps


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