Kliklok SIPTU


Kliklok SIPTU Smartbelt Timing System

The Kliklok SIPTU uses a series of belts to automatically time and place randomly arriving product into the product infeed conveyors (PICs) of endload cartoners.

Variable up to
Products per minute

The Kliklok SIPTU automatically times and places randomly arriving product into endload cartoning product infeed conveyors (PICs). Independently driven and controlled, it forms an integrated part of the PIC, offering layout flexibility and simple interface with Kliklok endload cartoners. Especially well-suited for difficult products and frozen (often slippery) products, the SIPTU smoothly corrects product positioning by making several placement adjustments across four phasing belts, allowing for higher production speeds with accurate placement.

• Wide, high grip belts
• Four-stage smart phasing
• Easy operation with touchscreen HMI
• Sanitary stainless steel construction

Variable to 270 products/minute
Product Size Range
Length: 40 mm (1.5”) – 252 mm (9.93”)
Width: 55 mm (2.19”) – 305 mm (12”)
Height: 12 mm (0.5”) – 90 mm (3.5”)
Power Supply
400 VAC / 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Shipping weight
694 kg (1630 lb), skidded

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction (IP65)
  • Servo-driven (6-axis)
  • Insight® color touch screen icon-based HMI


Optional Features

  • Easy-clean – self-cleaning water wash with quick drying belts
  • Portability kit
  • Riser kit
  • Small product transfer
  • Speed options with more/fewer phasing belts

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