Sigpack TTM2

Sigpack TTM2

Sigpack TTM2 Integrated Topload Cartoner

The TTM2 is based on the proven TTM platform. It handles primary wrapped products gently and efficiently with speeds of up to 150 cartons/min. The changeover is tool-free, quick and fully reproducible, maximizing product and pack style flexibility, uptime as well as OEE.

Variable up to
Cartons per minute

The TTM2 is the top of the line version of this platform in terms of output. With 150 cartons/min the machine’s efficient and reliable performance matches highest performance requirements. The patent format change concept with preset rods is tool-less, easy, quick and fully reproducible. The vertical restart takes place within just a few minutes. The TTM2’s open design ensures easy cleaning, further optimizing uptime. While the layout is highly flexible, the TTM2 offers a compact footprint and is easy to integrate into any production line. A high level of automation, product and pack style flexibility, as well as the safe and reliable processes provide you with an ideal secondary packaging solution to help you to meet your production goals.

• Integrated carton former, loader and closer
• Full pack style and product flexibility
• Fast, tool-free format changes
• High level of automation and process safety
• Compact footprint and open design
• Intuitive and operator friendly operation

Up to 150 cartons per minute
Carton Size Range
Length: 100 – 400 mm (3.94 – 15.75″)
Width: 100 – 300 mm (3.94 – 11.81″)
Depth: 25 – 160 mm (0.98 – 6.30″)
Product Size Range
Length: 50 mm – 300 mm (1.97 – 11.81″)
Width: 10 mm – 150 mm (0.39 – 5.91″)
Depth: 10 mm – 100 mm (0.39 – 3.94″)
Power Consumption
12 kVA
Approx. 5-6 bar
Shipping Weight
8600 kg (18960 lb)

Standard Features

  • Sigpack TTM2 for carton forming, loading and closing
  • Product infeed conveyor
  • Driven blank magazine
  • 3-axis-robot
  • Alan Bradley control and drives
  • HMI4.0 with color touchscreen, recipe and user management, connectivity ready
  • Integrated hot melt system
  • Tool-free changeover with vertical restart


Optional Features

  • Double infeed conveyor and collating unit
  • Feeding wheel for high-speed applications
  • On edge loading of products
  • Integration of a multipack infeed chain
  • Integration of laser printer and code reader
  • Open flab control
  • Miscount detection
  • Trolley for change parts
  • …and many more

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